Crash:Learner is…

illustrated posts on … self-defeating behaviors and beliefs that hold us back.  These life-zapping, soul-destroying and potential-killing behaviors and beliefs are the number one obstacle to being happy and content.

accelerated learning video tutorials for … people trying to crush self-defeating behavior/beliefs and rapidly learn technical skills to be more valuable.   Skills like coding Ruby on Rails apps, iOS and minimal design.  These project-based tutorials have 3000+ students.


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Hi. I’m Yonathan.

  • A self-proclaimed learning machine
  • Wrestling limiting beliefs (i.e fears) to learn new and rewarding technical skills.
  • Picking a topic for a post, writing it for 10+ hours, getting angry because it sucks and throwing it away.  Only to begin again.
  • Slowing down my computer with dozens of open tabs trying to do research on a topic I’m learning or writing about.
  • Spending an obscene amount of time drawing stick figures only to discover that I still can’t draw a straight line or a circle that looks like a circle.
  • Not being an expert– only a curious pest.
  • Creating video courses for self-learners picking up high-demand/high-value tech skills.

Questions?  yonathan@crashlearner.com